WID is the leader when it comes to women in fundraising and we are pleased to offer our members access to articles from thought leaders, executives, academic institutions and an array of experts. From special events and major gifts procurement, to women in the workplace and pay equity, the subject areas are varied, representing the wide range of professionals within our membership and therefore what we hope is most helpful to you in your careers.


Contributors include:

Kathleen Loehr
Senior Consultant, Aspen Leadership Group

Robert Hurst and Ron Schiller
Aspen Leadership Group


Avery Tucker Fontaine
BNY Mellon


Judy Levine
Executive Director, Cause Effective

Cause Effective



Laurel Molloy
Innovations Quantified



NYC Commission on Gender Equality

POWHER New York 


Laurie Krotman and Susan Shattuck
Special Events Unlimited, Inc.


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