The mission of Women In Development (WID), New York is to empower, connect, and engage women in a community that fosters professional growth and leadership while advancing the field.

(Adopted January 2016)



Our vision is to be the premier regional leader empowering women in the development field. We will achieve this by providing:

  • A vibrant, diverse community where we are supported, valued and respected;
  • Insightful programs that advance leadership development;
  • Meaningful opportunities for professional growth;
  • Evaluated value of development and philanthropy in nonprofit organization.


Core Values

In 2014, WID adopted five core values to guide its vision for the future. In 2019, at the recommendation of WID’s first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, the core value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were added.

WID is a leader in advancing the field of fundraising and fosters leadership in its members by providing opportunities for career growth and professional development.

WID is the go-to organization for women in fundraising, bringing visibility to the profession. WID’s membership has the power to reach more than 6,000 decision-makers and to be change-agents in the field.

Professional Growth
WID is dedicated to offering opportunities for individuals to gain experience, knowledge, and a strong network to advance their professional growth.

WID is a highly interactive, supportive, and diverse community united by our focus on equal opportunity.

Giving Back
WID members give of their time, network, experience, and intellectual resources embodying the essence of service to others.

Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity
WID is committed to maintaining a culture of diversity and equity in fundraising and related professions. As a membership body, our strength is in our promise to be inclusive, with intentional strategies to welcome and uplift historically marginalized identities and people within our field.


Women In Development (WID), New York stands by all members of the philanthropic community in combating sexual harassment. We will continue to raise awareness of this issue among our members. We suggest the CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY toolkit of resources for individuals and organizations seeking support in this arena.


History of the Organization

Celebrating its 40th anniversary year in 2019-2020, Women In Development (WID), New York was founded as an informal networking group for women in the professional fundraising field. At the time, men far outnumbered women in the development profession and the majority of female fundraisers were employed in the cultural and social service sectors.

In 1982, a formal structure was introduced and the WID monthly luncheon meeting was born.

By 1985, the gender balance in fundraising began to shift. According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), formerly the NSFRE, 49% of all fundraisers in 1985 were women.

An AFP survey conducted in 2000 about the state of fundraising in 1999 reports that 61% of all development professionals were women.

Today, women in development far outnumber men in the profession. However, salary inequity persists. Through professional development and networking opportunities, WID provides a forum for women in the field to learn and make new connections.