WiD is an entirely volunteer-led organization.  Members’ commitment and enthusiasm power our programs. Our volunteers’ participation determines our impact.

Why should you apply to volunteer at WiD?

  • An unparalleled opportunity to work with, learn from and network with some of
  • the smartest women in development
  • The opportunity to exercise your skills for your own benefit — and to stretch
  • your skills
  • The chance to experience what it means to be a volunteer like the ones that you
  • work with on the job
  • It is fun!

What are the volunteer opportunities?

The specific needs vary over time, but these are the general categories for which you can apply:

  • Committee assignments – A list of WiD’s committees, which includes expected time commitment/month for each. These positions are for one year at a time from September to June.  Many of the assignments are made in the fall, but additional needs may arise over the course of the year.
  • Welcome Project – WiD prides itself on being a welcoming community.  You know how hard it is to attend an event when you don’t know someone already.  So we have established this corps whose mission is to reach out at each event to make sure that all members and guests are comfortable and connected.
  • Other micro-volunteer opportunities that may arise during the year, like a resume review program, a coaching meeting, or a brainstorming session.   With your resume on file, we can more easily get you involved when these opportunities become available.

How do I volunteer?  Simple.  Members just apply here 

WiD Volunteer Opportunities:

One-off Opportunities: One-time volunteer opportunities include special events (such as a coaching open house), the Welcome Project (a corps of greeters at WiD events) and individual coaching/mentoring.

Career Advancement and Coaching Committee: Match those interested in receiving career coaching with an experienced fundraising professional. Skills in identifying and corresponding with development professionals who best suit the needs of those requesting coaching are required. 1-3 hours is the average monthly time commitment.

Communications Committee: Oversee all Women in Development communications such as the website, eNews, and social media.  Create email correspondence to members, such as WiD event invitations and programming communications. Social media expertise, strong writing skills, and excellent communication skills are preferred. 3-5 hours is the average monthly time commitment.

Job Bank Committee: Oversee operations related to Women in Development’s online Job Bank, which is updated daily and includes available positions at a broad range of nonprofits. Listings are only available for viewing by members but jobs from non-members may also be posted. Strong social media, writing, communications, strategy development, and leadership skills are required. 1-3 hours is the average monthly time commitment.

Luncheons Committee: Plan and manage the four annual luncheon series including recruitment and coordination of speakers and tactics for promotion and execution. Strong skills in project management and event planning, as well as a vast fundraising leadership network, are preferred.  Less than one hour is the average monthly time commitment.

Membership Committee:
 The Membership Committee strives to achieve two goals:  to recruit and retain WiD members and to enhance the value of WiD membership.  Both depend on a cadre of devoted WiD members personally to reach out to fellow members.  WiD members span a wide range of ages and career stages.  The Membership Committee assures that there is a variety of program offerings to address the interest of our diverse membership.  We are looking for friendly, outgoing committee members who are willing to connect to WiD members at each program to welcome and serve as a resource.  We would also like to have a few committee members who are willing to monitor the membership and personally reach out to those whose membership is about to lapse.  In addition, we can use women who are willing to look at the list of current WiD members to identify potential new members at all membership levels. Volunteers are expected to attend as many of WiD’s programs and events as possible and to devote 1 – 3 hours per month.

Special Programs Committee:
Provide meaningful programs to mid-level professionals. Strong skills in project management, cold call solicitation, and event planning are required. Less than 1 hour is the average monthly time commitment.

Volunteer Management & Leadership Development Committee:
 Recruit and retain volunteers to support the committee-driven work of Women in Development, developing a deep well of WiD members from which to draw future leadership.  This committee seeks individuals who will promote the spirit of volunteerism, respond to volunteer inquiries, and create new volunteer recruitment strategies. Strong organization skills and familiarity with databases and spreadsheets are required. 1 – 3 hours is the average monthly time commitment.

Women of Achievement Committee: Coordinate the annual Women of Achievement luncheon, which recognizes a woman who has contributed greatly to the field of development. This is the signature annual event of WiD.  Seasoned fundraisers who excel in project management, writing, and communication skills are preferred. 5 hours or more is the required monthly time commitment.