Women In Development (WID), New York provides to its members a special “member seal”, which is intended to allow members of the fundraising community, related fields, philanthropic community and general public, to know that a particular individual is a current member of WID. The seal may only be used by current members of the organization on their website. The seal cannot be used in any other location or in any other way. No changes to the seal are allowed.



WID’s member seal is only available to active WID members, by logging into an existing member account and downloading. If a member does not renew their membership with WID, or chooses to cancel their membership before the end of a standard term, the member seal must be removed from the member’s website. WID reserves the right to refuse the member seal to any member, at its sole discretion. WID also reserves the right to request that an individual with a displayed member seal remove said seal from the member’s website, at WID’s sole discretion. Members who do not renew membership with WID, or whose membership is terminated by WID, must remove the displayed seal from any website within 2 business days of the last date of member status.



If you have any questions related to the use of the WID Membership Seal, please contact


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