Decolonizing Wealth:
Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides
by Edgar Villanueva

Thursday, February 25
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Shakespeare & Co.
2020 Broadway

During our 40th anniversary year, Women In Development (WID), New York is pleased to launch our first-ever book group as a benefit to our members. WID members are invited to meet for lively, intimate discussions about books that are shaping our view of ourselves, our work, and our world.

WID Lit is free for members. Wine, coffee, tea, and light bites are available in the Shakespeare & Co. café (pay-as-you-go, with a 10% discount). Members are encouraged to buy copies of the books at Shakespeare & Co.

At our second meeting of the 2019-20 year, we will read Decolonizing Wealth. says: Decolonizing Wealth is a provocative analysis of the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance. Award-winning philanthropy executive Edgar Villanueva draws from the traditions from the Native way to prescribe the medicine for restoring balance and healing our divides.

Though it seems counterintuitive, the philanthropic industry has evolved to mirror colonial structures and reproduces hierarchy, ultimately doing more harm than good. After 14 years in philanthropy, Edgar Villanueva has seen past the field’s glamorous, altruistic façade, and into its shadows: the old boy networks, the savior complexes, and the internalized oppression among the “house slaves,” and those select few people of color who gain access. All these funders reflect and perpetuate the same underlying dynamics that divide Us from Them and the haves from have-nots. In equal measure, he denounces the reproduction of systems of oppression while also advocating for an orientation towards justice to open the floodgates for a rising tide that lifts all boats.


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